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International Institute of Currency Technology (IICT) is going to organize “International Training Program on Cash Management & Fake Note Prevention”. This five (5) days long training program will be organized from 25th March to 29th March, 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Cash handling officials from around the world can participate in this event.
By attending the training program, the participant will be able to identify the original banknotes easily. The training program will discuss the major currencies (US Dollar, UK POUND, Malaysian RINGGIT, EURO, Saudi Riyal, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee) and their security features. Participants will be able to get practical training in this program.
IICT organized number of international training event earlier. Officials from Central bank of Sudan, Bhutan Development Bank, Bangladesh Bank and many other commercial banks participated in our event.

Benefit of The Seminar

● Role, Jurisdiction , Responsibility & Legal authority of Central Bank
● Design & Origination of Currency
● Printing Process of the Banknote
● Anatomic Dissection of the Banknote
● Banknote Substrate
● Selection Process of Banknote Substrate
● Banknote Printing Ink
● Security Features of the Banknote
● Overt Security Features
● Covert Security Features
● Forensic Security Features
● Security Features for the Central Bank, Commercial Bank & Public
● Character of the Security Features
● How Security Features Works Against Forgery
● Selection Process of the Security Features for Banknote by the Banknote Issuing Authority
● Placement of Security Feature on Banknote During Origination & Design
● Nature of Counterfeit note
● Nature of Genuine note
● Nature of Super note
● Source of Fake note
● Authentication of Fake note
● Public Acceptance of the Banknote
● Fake note Detection & Prevention by the Banknote Issuing Authority
● How Central Bank Protect their Banknote from Forgery & Counterfeiting
● Hygienic Aspect of the Banknote
● Forgery & Counterfeiting Prevention Measure by the Issuing Authority
● Source & Raw Materials for Banknote Printing
● Manufacturers of Banknote Substrate
● Suppliers of the Security Features
● Suppliers of the Banknote Printing Machine & Equipment
● Banknote Printers of the World
● Cost Effectiveness of the Banknote
● Durability of the Banknote
● Microbial Measures of the Banknote
● Safe & Secured Cash Circulation
● Safe & Secured Cash Transportation & Distribution
● Safe & Swift Cash Transaction
● Cash Management & Modernization by Central Bank
● Cash Storage & Vault Administration of Central Bank
● Policy & Instruction for Attack Proof Vault for Commercial Bank
● Manual for Attack Proof Cash Carrying Box
● Currency Diagnosis Laboratory/Centre
● Safe, Secured & Efficient Cash Destruction Policy / Process
● Zero Tolerance at Cash Counter
● Cash Automation
● ATM & CDM Administration
● ATM & CDM Protection from Robbery
● Banknote Fit & Unfit Standardization
● Standardization of Recirculation of used Banknote
● Cash Handling Equipment
● Uniformity of the Authentication Equipment
● Cash Authentication Process
● Banknote Sorting Manual
● Cash Centre
● CIT (Cash-in-Transit)
● Selection Process of CIT Company & Cash Centre
● Cash Settlement Process
● National Payment Solution
● Banknote Strapping, Packing, Binding & Bundling
● Banknote Printing & Minting Industries Related Affairs
● Coin Chemistry
● Design & Origination of the Coin
● Nature of Counterfeit Coin
● Preventive Measures of the Coin Counterfeiting
● Source of Coin Raw Materials
● Source of Machineries for Coin Minting
● Finished Coin Supplier of the World
● Microbial Measures of the Coin
● Coin Handling Equipment
● Coin Packing Technology
● Face Value Vs. Intrinsic Value of the Coin
● Public Acceptance Factor of the Coin
● Selection Process of the Coin Materials
● Public Awareness on Banknote
● Legal Action Against Counterfeiting
● Training & Educational Institute for Currency Technology
● Currency Affairs Events of the World
● Books & Publication Related to Bank & Banknotes
● Necessity for Training & Higher Study for the Bankers on Currency Technology
● Association & Society of the Banknote Industries
● Field of Application of the Currency Technology Graduate
● How to Prevent the Interest of the Bank Account Holders
● Summary of the Topics Discussed

Who Should Participate

Central & Commercial Bank Official
Cash operating staff
Money handling equipment suppliers
Cash management companies
Money exchange officials

Registration Process


We will provide invitation letter for the visa.


USD 1800.00 per participant (tuition fee, accommodation, fooding, local transportation, training materials and certification).

[Tuition fees → USD 1000 + 5 days Accommodation → USD 500+ 5 days fooding → USD 300 + 5 days local transport Free of charge]


Please fill up the registration form (available in website & attached with email) for each nominated participant separately and email to IICT by 15th March, 2018. IICT will send invoice to concerning organization with payment details.


Our bank details are as follows:
Account Name: International Institute of Currency Technology Ltd
Bank name: Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
Branch: Gulshan South Avenue
Account Number: 4030-11100000572
Bank Address: Uday Sanz, Plot No. SE (A), 2/B Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Participant can pay course fees to IICT upon arrival at Dhaka with registration reference details.

Training Schedule

Five Days Program

 Date:25th to 29th March, 2018
Participant must arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh on or before 24th March, 2018. The training will begin from 25th March till 29th March, 2018.
The full training schedule will be uploaded a month ahead of the training program.

Day Schedule

 Venue: Hotel Orchard Suites, Banani Dhaka - 1213  

Past Program Archive

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